Monday, May 3, 2010

Multitude Monday...time to focus on the blessings

holy experience

I so need this right now! Let me have a thankful heart...

#80 a job that has sick leave time to take care of a son who is throwing up

#81 a daycare to take the little one, so I can try and prevent the spread

#82 a five year old who is responsible enough to remember things like library day, field trip money, etc. when his mother can't

#83 for blogger and the creative outlet it provides to me when I feel so drowned in responsibilities.

#84 for the cool evening breeze that helps air out a stinky bedroom

#85 a church that provides a video feed in the lobby so I can still hear the message despite a finiky toddler

#86 the still quietness once everyone is tucked into bed

#87 the God given strength to continue the discussion of what is best for our family with my best friend and life partner

#88 alone time to pray on a breezy evening on the porch

#89 for a Mom who always believe in me and knowing that without even having to talk to her.


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